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We offer Design and Build services for:

Food & Drink

Tasting Rooms 


Boutique Retail


New Construction
Interior Design

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Custom Furniture
Concrete Countertops
Custom Metalwork

What does Design and Build mean?

Design and Build is a more efficient, client-focused and flexible approach to renovation and construction than the traditional method of separating the designer and the builder into two isolated steps.  Offering our customers all components of the building process (from conceptualization and architecture to the finishing touches of construction) at once, we are able to deliver creative solutions and high quality results.

The Benefits of Design and Build

  • By removing the middleman between design and build, projects are more streamlined and efficient
  • Care is taken to consider the final vision and budget at every step, ensuring there are no expensive surprises
  • Removes wasted time and money of translating the vision from the architect to the builder
  • Avoids the possibility of unrealistic designs
  • You work with one team from start to finish; no need to juggle multiple relationships
  • Unexpected challenges can be swiftly and creatively solved

Our process

Our goal is to create a space that you simply never want to leave.  Here’s how we work with you to make that happen:

Conceptual phase

We begin by developing a complete understanding of your goals, requirements and vision for the project through conversations with you and our own research.  This phase concludes by presenting our design ideas, and refining them following feedback.

Development phase

This phase involves narrowing in on the final design with renderings and all details presented.  We collaborate closely with you to properly identify all wants and needs; samples are also reviewed and chosen. This phase concludes with a final, approved design.

Implementation phase

This phase involves the actual build-out of all elements, and purchasing of items that will not be custom built.

Working with Imhotep was a pleasure from the beginning.  They listened to what we wanted to accomplish, then took our general ideas and designed (and built) a space which is light-years beyond our expectations.  They are both practical and creative, and took personal pride in making Big Slide into a showpiece for the entire customer experience.  Attention to detail was evident throughout, and, even after over a year in business, we still find little details which we did not even know existed.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Imhotep to anyone.

– Chris Ericson, Owner, Big Slide Brewery and Public House

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