We adapt our process to each individual client, knowing that no one space is created the same way.   This flexibility has allowed us to work with companies throughout many industries, from restaurants and bars to retail shops and banks.

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research pyramid

We begin by getting to know our clients and their goals for their space.

We research the local landscape to develop an understanding of where our clients fall in their competitive market. 

A strategy is then developed with the goal of identifying who the users of the space are, and what they are drawn to.

The design aesthetic that emerges is completely driven by our research into the client’s identity, their goals for the space, and their users’ needs.

design pyramid

We take a human-centered approach to problem solving to create a thoughtful, engaging experience that is specific to the project.

We’re smart and strategic about the ways we incorporate artistic elements, without sacrificing function.

We’re confident in even our most complex designs, knowing that our build team can execute anything we dream up.

Our designs are rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the building process, allowing us to maximize the resources available to us.

build pyramid

We’re able to fabricate anything that we can design, drawing on the decades of experience and work with architects, engineers, and artisans.

Our skills in both design and build ensures a fluid transition from ideas to the finished product.

Our material-driven approach and building experience leads to more accurate estimates on budget and time frames.

Everyone on our team and that we choose to work with has an understanding of the complete vision across all steps of the process.

manage pyramid

Our subcontractors are informed of the entire vision guiding the project, rather than simply executing an individual part of the process.

Communication is fluid from top to bottom so that problems are solved quickly and in a way that remains aligned with the overall design vision.

We’re confident in all decisions being made on the ground level.

Commercial interior fit-up, bar, tasting room and custom furniture designed and built for Dedalus Wine Bar in Burlington, Vermont by Imhotep, a brand driven design and build firm based in Vermont.

Food and Drink

Bars & Tasting Rooms

Commercial interior design for Danforth Pewter retail store in National Harbor, Maryland; Design and Build by Imhotep, a Vermont based brand driven Design and Build firm.


Boutique Retail

Adventure dinners; Custom dining table for 80 built in Conrwall, Vermont by Imhotep, a Vermont brand driven design and build firm.

One of a Kind

Select Residential