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Our work involves generating creative ideas to solve unique challenges for our clients. Whether it involves furniture design and
construction, custom metalwork or concrete countertops, we are focused on developing functional and beautiful custom solutions. This portfolio is a collection of the special projects we’ve completed so far.

Photos by Susan TeareCarey Nershi, and Kat Townsend.

Barrel Room Photo Shoot

Local companies often ask us to create furniture for their space, or for use in promotional photoshoots.  We built this custom live edge table to sit in the Barrel Room at Stonecutter Spirits. The natural wood enhances the scene they staged with drinks and other decorations, and the barrels serve as a beautiful backdrop.

stonecutter spirits; custom furniture; live edge slab table
special design and build projects; live edge slab table; custom furniture Dedalus wine bar and retail shop

Door Wall and Custom Table

Our customer wanted a one-of-a-kind conference room, where he could meet with clients in a space unlike any other one they had been in.  To give him a unique solution, we covered the walls with antique doors and installed a custom steel sliding track. When the door slides back on the track, a large Smart TV is revealed.

The tabletop is hewn from an old English Elm tree, and the base is a custom steel creation that looks interesting, but also keeps the top level despite the uneven floor.

The Tannic Collection

The Tannic Collection was developed as part of our overall design for a new, indie wine bar in Burlington, Vermont.  The serving boards became the perfect backdrop for world class wine and charcuterie.  Since then, many more of our clients and friends have used them to beautifully present their products.

Like the barrels that wine is aged in, the boards are built using quarter sawn White Oak.  We used the tannin from the seeds and stems of grapes extracted during wine production and created a solution that was then applied to the wood.  Through a natural reactive process, the serving boards gain a rich, dark, food safe finish.

handmade black serving boards;
special design and build projects; TedX sign for Middlebury college; custom furniture by Imhotep Vermont


We’re passionate about helping our clients communicate their story. When the organizers of TEDxMiddlebury asked us to create a new sign for their annual event held at the Middlebury College campus, we were truly excited to be part of a great storytelling event.

In the past, the organizers had struggled to come up with a way to store the sign from year to year, so we designed the sign to be taken apart and stored in a small box. Small metal rods slide into the bottom of each letter.  When not in use, the letter can simply be lifted off the rod and placed in it’s storage container.

Seedsheet Display Booth

Seedsheet, a new, innovative gardening company, needed a unique solution for their display booths at expositions throughout the country.  They wanted to stand out, separating themselves from the many other vendors that took part in the shows.

For us, the challenge was to create a visually appealing display that accurately portrayed their company, while also allowing for easy setup and dismantling.  It must have worked!  Seedsheet was recently featured on the ABC show Shark Tank!

Custom Furniture designed and built for Seedsheet by Imhotep, a Vermont Design and Build firm.

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