Most spaces are boring.  Yours doesn’t have to be.

And we’re passionate about helping you tell your story.  Good design is functional and intentional, but it can also be playful, unexpected, and innovative.  Our designs are all of these, and specifically focused on communicating your narrative.  We understand and respect tradition, but we’re future-focused and driven to explore new ways of designing and building.  We’re not afraid to take risks, and that means your space will be striking, interesting and totally unique to you.

The Team

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Mackenzie Doyle

Mackenzie Doyle, a Portland, Maine native, traded the ocean for the mountains and relocated to Vermont in 2011 to complete her Studio Art degree at UVM. Post graduation, Mackenzie worked for years as a bartender at Hen of the Wood, as Brand Ambassador for the local distillery, Caledonia Spirits, and as a freelance photographer. With a background in art and a desire to work with her hands, she stepped back from the restaurant industry to pursue work in the Design + Build field as a residential carpenter. Mackenzie represents Imhotep as the Brand Ambassador and Marketing/Content Manager – and brings to the table hands on experience from the field, in addition to knowledge of bar layout and functionality. Imhotep combines all of Mackenzie’s varied skills and professional experience, and reflects her passion for creating functional art – with a focus on the food and beverage industry, which will always remain a keen interest.


Olivia Tubio is a recent graduate from Middlebury College with a degree in Art and Architectural Studies. In addition to her undergraduate education, Olivia has experience in exhibition design for small museums. Her interest in design strengthened after studying a year abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she was exposed to art and architecture that now inspires her work. Olivia is primarily interested in designing in a way that better accommodates the varying bodies and cultural identities that interact with the built world. When she is not working, she enjoys visiting antique shops, making art, attending concerts, and “conducting research” at various bars and breweries. Olivia and her 23 25 houseplants are thriving in the Old North End of Burlington, Vermont.


Marcel Leduc is our native Vermonter, our master carpenter, and is an artisan in every sense of the word. He is truly a student of the process; his passion has led him around the country and the world with successes as a brewer, a winemaker and a chef. Now settled in his home state of Vermont, Marcel is pushing the paradigm of traditional craftsmanship with an evolving approach to meeting modern demands. Marcel’s depth of experience and insistence on perfection is unquestionably one of the cornerstones of our Design and Build success. Marcel and his wife Marie live in Salisbury, VT with their daughter Grace.


David Rossiter grew up surrounded by his family’s contracting business. From a young age, he knew that building would be a lifelong passion. When he was 18, his love of carpentry coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit motivated a move to Boulder, CO where he opened a successful interior Design + Build firm. In 2009, the opportunity to work with one of Chicago’s most accomplished designers inspired a new enthusiasm that would shape his outlook on the trade. In 2013, David’s girlfriend accepted a position as a professor at Middlebury College and the couple is happily building a life together in Middlebury, VT.


Jamie McKenna is a native of Lake Placid, NY and graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Art & Architecture and Environmental Studies. Following graduation, Jamie spent the first two years of his career in Spain and Sweden, traveling extensively throughout Europe. He was eventually drawn back to the Green Mountain State and worked at his alma mater for three years. Along the way, he met Dave and Marcel and their friendship quickly found common ground. Jamie is passionate about Design and Build construction, spaces that are purposefully built, combining aesthetic appeal and utility. His background in art, architecture, and environmental studies brings a special component to the company. Jamie, his wife, Brit, and son, Leo, live in Cornwall, Vermont.