Park Avenue Apartment

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Interior design, Custom furniture

Creating an entire interior is exhilarating but we love harnessing that passion into just one amazing custom furniture piece that an entire room can be developed around.  In this Park Avenue apartment we created several custom items that not only fit the client’s personality but created a space that promoted a functional daily life as well as entertaining.


Walnut Credenza

This Credenza was designed in a classic mid-century modern scale and then grown to 100 inches wide in order to fill the large wall in this beautiful apartment.  The Black Walnut Sapwood set in a herringbone pattern makes this piece really pop.

Mid-century modern walnut credenza designed and built by Imhotep Vermont, a design build firm.
Danish hunting chairs made of quarter sawn oak and aged leather, designed and built by Imhotep, a Vermont design build firm.

Danish Hunting Chairs

Styled after vintage Danish hunting chairs, this set was built from quarter sawn Oak and aged leather.

Live edge slab table with custom steel base

This massive 14’ American Beech slab is the show piece of the dining room.  We protected the top with a natural finish, allowing us to preserve the beauty of the slab.  The top was mounted on an understated tube steel base, allowing the slab to be the star of this piece.

Live edge slab dining table with custom steel base. Design and build by Imhotep, a Vermont design build firm.
Inlay maple coffee tables with Chinese screen pattern. Created by Imhotep, a Vermont design build firm.

Inlay Coffee Tables

This set of three Maple coffee tables, all different sizes and heights, are designed to tuck together in various groupings to allow flexibility throughout the space.  A classic Chinese screen pattern was inlayed into the tops using Curly Maple, giving the tables a subtle, elegant interest.

Maple End Tables

These two side tables were cut from a fallen old growth Sugar Maple that had been actively tapped for over 200 years.  The tapping process imparted amazing character and figuring, making them unique historical conversation pieces.  The wood was naturally bleached and finished with a liming wax to bring out the color.

Custom side table in old growth sugar maple with bleached wood. Created by Imhotep, a Vermont design build firm.

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