Big Slide Brewery

Project Type:

Commercial interior fit-up; bar, brewery, restaurant

Big Slide Brewery is an extension of the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery and serves as an edgier brother to the original brand. The client’s intention was to create a space where they could “push the limits”, offering visitors an adventurous eating, drinking, and social experience. Our central challenge was to take a roadside 1980’s commercial building in a plain location and turn it into an energetic space that captured the brand’s progressive extension.


Dynamic flow

The spacious area needed to be designed to comfortably fit a full brewery, barrel aging area, kitchen, bar, and restaurant. We used lighting, seating layout and differences in material and colors to create visual breaks. This allowed us to section the space in a way that flowed well and felt inviting.

Big Slide Brewery and Public House in Lake Placid, NY. Design and build services by Imhotep, a Vermont design build firm.
Custom bar built for Big Slide Brewery in Lake Placid, NY. Created by Imhotep, a Vermont design build firm.

Material Variety

One strategy for bringing an edgy character to the space was our use of materials. We used spray cast charcoal concrete, blackened zinc panel plating, vertical shiplap and antique door panels. Together they give the space an urban-industrial feel. The restaurant tables have some fun local history: they’re refinished science tables salvaged from the local high school.

New and Unexpected

Lake Placid, NY is dominated by Adirondack-style architecture and interior design. The clients wanted to present patrons with something new, different, and more in line with the urban style of the food and drinks. So, we channeled that inspiration everywhere we could, including the open kitchen design.

Restaurant counter in Big Slide Brewery, Lake Placid, NY. Designed and built by Imhotep, a Vermont design build firm.
Custom bar built for Big Slide Brewery in Lake Placid, NY. Created by Imhotep, a Vermont design build firm.

Tip of the Hat

One of our favorite details of the project is the faux taxidermy that we snuck in, camouflaged against different wall treatments. A white ram head, a steer head and a classic buck mount in aged steel and copper patina offer a twist on our urban-oasis-in-the-Adirondacks feel.


In conclusion, our overall design for this space was inspired by the feeling of pleasant surprise felt when walking into a simple building and encountering a vibrant, dynamic interior. Rather than incur high costs to fight the look of the existing building, we used the building’s natural resources to offer patrons a unique Lake Placid experience.

Working with Imhotep was a pleasure from the beginning. They listened to what we wanted to accomplish, then took our general ideas and designed (and built) a space which is light-years beyond our expectations. They are both practical and creative, and took personal pride in making Big Slide into a showpiece for the entire customer experience. Attention to detail was evident throughout, and, even after over a year in business, we still find little details which we did not even know existed. I would wholeheartedly recommend Imhotep to anyone.

– Chris Ericson, Owner, Big Slide Brewery and Public House

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